I'm Simon

It all started with a dream and a problem

I was approaching the end of my Masters program in Marriage & Family Therapy and was getting excited about opening a private practice. I started looking around to see what office space was available in my local area. My experience of looking for an office was slow and frustrating and I didn't know if I could trust the leasing websites I found. It brought me back down to earth with a reality bump!

"I thought there must be a better way to do this"

I started looking around on the Internet for trustworthy websites where a therapist can find office space easily and safely. I found a few but it looked like they hadn't been active in a while. Instead of thinking someone should create a website like this, my first thought was I should create a website like this! I don't know where that thought came from but it felt good so I went with it! This thought became the seed of methodpractice and, without any previous website design or coding experience, I jumped right in!

"I started thinking about all the other resources I'd like to help me launch and build my private practice"

I learned to code and brought in help from more experienced web developers when I reached the limit of my ability. As I worked on this fledgling website, I started thinking about all the other resources I'd like to help me launch and build my private practice. I started looking around on the Internet for a scheduling and billing system, books and courses about building a private practice, how to do your taxes, courses to develop my therapeutic abilities and many other things.

"The problem wasn't a lack of resources - it was a huge number of great resources - way more than I could ever research alone"

I quickly found a lot of great resources. In fact, the problem wasn't a lack of resources - it was a huge number of great resources - way more than I could ever research alone. I wondered how many more great resources are out there that I'll never find. It was also frustrating that I couldn't find out which resources have helped other Practitioners so it was hard to tell which ones I should invest my time and money in.

"Along with the excitement of launching a private practice is the uncertainty of how to find clients"

Finding great resources is one thing but what about finding clients? For any Practitioner launching a private practice, there is always the uncertainty of how to find clients. I wanted methodpractice to include a way for Practitioners to exchange client referrals to help fill schedules and keep them full.

Today, methodpractice is live and Practitioners can exchange business and educational resources, client referrals, events, jobs, and office space and connect with Collaborators.

I hope methodpractice is helpful, easy to use and you can find everything you need. I'd love to get your feedback so we can make it even better for you and other members.

My background

I was born and raised in Ireland. I live in North Carolina with my wife and two children. I started my career in Scotland as a Psychiatrist, specializing in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Family Therapy. When I moved to the USA, I reflected a lot on my career so far and decided that Therapy is a more natural fit for my strengths and interests. I'm a graduate of the Marriage & Family Therapy Masters program at Northcentral University. I love working with couples using the Emotionally Focused Therapy model. Since graduating a few years ago, I've dedicated my spare time to building methodpractice. Now that methodpractice has launched, I'm working towards licensure. Its been interesting to create methodpractice as a pre-licensed Practitioner as it's helped me to have a learning perspective so I'm open to learning from licensed Practitioners about the challenges they're having and what they and their practice needs. This has helped shape the features we offer at methodpractice.com.