Do You Have To Offer A Sliding Scale In Your Private Practice?

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Simon Munro

This is such a good podcast episode by Cindy Norton from Cindy has such a great reasoned and considered approach to thinking about sliding scale. I think this episode is helpful if you're considering introducing or expanding the number of sliding scale spots on your schedule and what fee(s) to set for them.

For me, the most helpful thing about this episode is the emotional aspect of setting sliding scale sessions for Practitioners. She talks about feelings of not doing enough or offering enough to our clients and the community we operate in and other Practitioners making us feel ashamed for not having or having enough sliding scale sessions. However, it's important to remember that we don't know the financial circumstances of other Practitioners and we don't know what they may do to help their community in other ways, so it really doesn't make sense to shame a Practitioner for not having or having more sliding scale fees. She sums it up perfectly by saying:

"Just by being a Therapist you are doing enough"

Cindy uses to offer Therapy to low income clients in her area and this service is free for Practitioners to join throughout the 50 US states.