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Simon Munro

I haven't taken this course myself but came across it and thought it looks very useful. It's a free course provided by Laura Long, LMFT to help you "craft a Psychology Today profile that helps you stand out, drive visitors to your website, and convert them into loyal clients". It was voted by Brighter Vision members as the best online course in 2017 and 2018. Psychology Today is the most popular Practitioner directory website but it's very text-driven (potential clients learn about by reading the profile you've written) and every profile is laid out exactly the same way (they recently introduced the ability to upload a video of yourself, which helps a lot), so what you write is really crucial to getting and keeping the attention of the reader and speaking to them and their needs in such a way that they want to contact you. That's where this course comes in! Click on the link to sign up today!