How to create engaging posts on your Facebook Page

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Simon Munro

Do you think potential new clients search for a Practitioner on Facebook? Yup, they sure do! Also, your clients will recommend you to a friend or family member by sharing your Facebook page with them. So, a Facebook page is a valuable marketing tool for you and your practice!

This article is provided by Facebook for Business. It's a quick and simple article to get you started with posting on a private practice Facebook page. It makes some simple suggestions like thinking about what you would like to see on your Newsfeed if you were looking for a Practitioner, which might give you some ideas about what your clients might want to see. It also suggests you post meaningful updates. For example, if you just completed some training and are now able to offer a new therapeutic model posting that to your Facebook page may attract new clients.

Facebook offers a paid post boost service that lets you target a post so it's promoted to people in your area, a certain age bracket etc