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Simon Munro

I haven't used this service myself, so please post a comment if you have and give us your feedback!

Therapy Connections Today is an online Practitioner listing directory founded by LMFT Tiffany Stone in Texas.

The website states that Therapy Connections Today is different because they are "dedicated to marketing your practice and connecting you with your ideal client. We also provide a space for mental health providers to gain support and feedback from other providers". I consider these to be unique features compared to other Practitioner listing directories. I didn't see any more information about this on the website but I also didn't sign up to use the service so I assume that information is available to Practitioners who sign up.

There are two subscriptions available: A free "Premium" version that's available for a "limited time" and a paid "Professional" plan for $39.95 that includes a member's only area, practice sub-account, private Facebook Group, targeted Facebook ads and "all future features included". I also wasn't able to find any more information about these features. It would have been good to see these features as I think it would have helped me decide if I wanted to sign up.