Why You Shouldn’t Charge What You’re Worth

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Podcast Episode

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Simon Munro

This is another great podcast episode from Cindy Norton of mountainpracticejourneys.com. In this episode she lays out her argument for why you shouldn't charge what you're worth. Yup, you read that right - you shouldn't charge what you're worth. This sounds like it flies in the face of everything you've heard about fee setting but I think it's just a different take on the process of fee setting. The basic message Cindy gives is - the phrase "charge" (money) what you're worth (you) puts you and money in the same bucket and makes a value statement about you as a person and a Practitioner. Cindy makes the claim that you and your business should be more separate than that so setting your fee is strictly a business decision that doesn't really bring you into the equation. This might seem unusual when you first hear it, and I'm not sure I'm explaining it very well, but I think Cindy makes a reasonable case for not charging what you're worth.

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